About me


My name is Sergi Gracia and I live in Barcelona. I’m an active, friendly, curious and creative person. I usually waste my time improving my skills related to my main passions which are videogames and music.
I acquired a technical degree in web & desktop development at center «ETP Clot» of Barcelona, and one more technical degree in game design, programming and 3D animation at center «CEV» of Barcelona. I also studied for four years at «L’Aula de musics» which is a modern music school of Barcelona and have been playing in several bands for more than 10 years.

I participated in a few game and web development projects as a member of a team like «Shape», «Footchinko» and «Singuladerm». I also worked for a few months as a freelance web developer and now I’m currently working in my game development team project which is «Owt Games» where I released several games for Android mobiles.

I am a fast learner and a hard worker. I am able to adapt quickly to new environments and understand the different workflows. Several years working experience using Unity (C#), Game Maker: Studio (GML), WordPress (HTML/CSS, PHP & JavaScript),  Adobe Photoshop and some music related software.

I’m currently interested to find a full time employment or freelance contracts.


Contact E-mail: Sergigracia90@gmail.com
Curriculum : Español


My top 10 games that influenced me are: